Tracking Bills

I need order in my life!! Hence the planner ūüôā

One BIG thing that helps me is to write out and check off my monthly bills. How do I do this? I use a bill tracker. This bill tracker is placed on my monthly layout. I also add icons to mark each bill due date and payday.

To help even further; I first highlight when I’ve paid it, and once it clears my bank I place a check mark in the box to signify that the bill item has totally completed the process.

This tracker is located @ & is available for mini, Classic, and BIG HP Planners.


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Mini FrankenPlanner

I need a vertical mini!

I just cannot do the horizontal layout. It just doesn’t work for my life. And I also need something to fit in my purse. So I found a mini and a mini fitness and found a way for it to work for me ūüôā




I fell in LOVE with the stay positive planner! The rainbow/silver foil won me over. LOVE at first sight!!! So I had to have the elements from that planner but also wanted to track my fitness goals. So I kept the weekly fitness layout and progress sheets AND the Stay FullSizeRenderPositive dividers and monthly sheets.  Some, as they are front and back sheets, still had un-needed layouts. I simply used a double sided tape roller to put kept pages back-to-back.

I was able to keep the best of both planners and create a vertical mini in the process.




I designed stickers to lay over the current weekly fitness layout that worked for me and my day. I made an appointment hourly, a to-do section, and menu row, and kept an area for fitness and water. You can find this layout in the Etsy shop as an immediate download printable.

And ta-da…a total mini¬†frankenplanner¬†for the mini.


MAMBI Quality Control

IMG_4765I ordered the new Stay Positive Planner from the March 1st release. I just love the silver foil and rainbow colors (In fact I bought both a Classic and a Fitness cause I loved it so much) When I flipped through my new Classic Planner I noticed that Octobers divider had a flaw. Though it wasn’t major it was definitely¬†noticeable. ¬†I contacted MAMBI Quality Control via their Contact Us email system. They requested pictures of the damaged item understandablyIMG_0994.

I sent pictures of the item as well as my order number (I ordered directly from MAMBI) Once they had confirmed¬†the damage and had documentation of my order. They requested my address. ¬†I replied and in 3 short days (which was very fast- I don’t think I received my order that fast) I had received a replacement October divider for my Classic Happy Planner.

Their packaging was lovely and very high quality.

I replaced my divider and wah-lah had a new wonderfully perfect divider. I do not think I have experienced such amazing customer service from any company I have dealt with. Big gold star to MAMBI and Happy Planner.            THANKS!!

Planner sheets from whimZey

How to set up whimZey planner sticker sheets in a sticker organizer book.

whimZey planner sheets


Don’t get me wrong I love the cute colorful decoration and stickers to make my page fun, but it’s still gotta work. My planner helps me be organized for work as well as for home so I need something that is portable, fun, and functional.IMG_2490

To maintain me being organized I also need all my planner stuff to follow suit to these needs as well. One big reason I was so excited for the MAMBI sticker organizer book.  Before its release was announced I was getting ready to make my own (which I may still do for my large sticker book packs). The MAMBI sticker book was so cute that I decided to wait for the release and organize all my stickers. That included those I design myself.


whimzeypagethose that I design, freebies and otherwise, are all made with that in mind. Each printable sheet made for planners has an outside border that when cut fits in the MAMBI sticker book (or personal made sticker books that are similar in size to the MAMBI one). Since each sheet prints as a standard 8.5 x 11 page they may also fit a standard size binder.

My hope is that it adds convenience as well as functionality to my sticker sheets.



Disney Planner Challenge

I have always been a planner and organizer, but this is my first time using a Happy Planner. (AND I LOVE IT) Though it could be done with any planner, I love how creative and decorative I can be while still maintaining the functionality I need from it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.43.20 PM

When I got my first Happy Planner in January I challenged myself to do Disney layouts. ¬†(I LOVE Disney even more than I probably should ūüôā ) So I have searched to find shops, blogs, and sticker sheets to help me meet this challenge. I will be sharing all that I find linking to the sites found as well as the freebie printables that I have made specific to my planner HERE.


(Please note that all Disney planner layouts are free for personal use and are not being used nor should be used for commercial gain. These are just for fun and sharing the love)

Please link back to this site when sharing where you got printables. Do not share the item directly, allow others to explore the blog as you have. Thanks !