MAMBI Quality Control

IMG_4765I ordered the new Stay Positive Planner from the March 1st release. I just love the silver foil and rainbow colors (In fact I bought both a Classic and a Fitness cause I loved it so much) When I flipped through my new Classic Planner I noticed that Octobers divider had a flaw. Though it wasn’t major it was definitely noticeable.  I contacted MAMBI Quality Control via their Contact Us email system. They requested pictures of the damaged item understandablyIMG_0994.

I sent pictures of the item as well as my order number (I ordered directly from MAMBI) Once they had confirmed the damage and had documentation of my order. They requested my address.  I replied and in 3 short days (which was very fast- I don’t think I received my order that fast) I had received a replacement October divider for my Classic Happy Planner.

Their packaging was lovely and very high quality.

I replaced my divider and wah-lah had a new wonderfully perfect divider. I do not think I have experienced such amazing customer service from any company I have dealt with. Big gold star to MAMBI and Happy Planner.            THANKS!!